For Sale: 2 Apartments & 1 Business – El Rodadero, Santa Marta, Colombia

What about buying 2 comfortable well maintained fully equipped apartments in a small and stylish 4 story building, 50 metres from the number one palm-fringed boulevard and beach of Caribbean Colombia. The apartments are located in the booming El Rodadero, Santa Marta and have excellent proven rental opportunities: 365 days a year.

What about buying a thriving rental company along with the apartments so you can make money from the very first day it’s yours. You’ll have the company with all necessary permits, the pages of the apartments in booking engines, the good reviews, this Internet domain (, our commercial phone number, our business contacts, en more.

What about changing your life, settling down in the Caribbean & earning money from the very first day the property is yours. We’ll also guide you through the process of settling down as a foreigner so you can live and work in Colombia. Talking about making a head start in the Caribbean.

It’s worth considering!

Here we go:

The Location

El Rodadero, Santa Marta, Colombia
El Rodadero a is an uptown part Santa Marta, located at its own bay. This is the number 1 tourist spot of Colombia, the most popular boulevard and beach.

Why is this place so popular? The answer: The palm fringed boulevard and beach are wide, the Caribbean sea in the bay is warm and calm and there are lots of hotel rooms and apartments available. Furthermore, the zone is very safe and sprinkled with grocery stores, restaurants, bars, terraces, dive shops, tour agencies, ATM machines, etc. Read more…

The Building

Apartment for sale, El Rodadero, Santa Marta, Colombia The 4 story building is located in a shady street in the hart of El Rodadero; just two more buildings and you’re on the boulevard and beach. Some 50 odd metres only!

The two apartment are located on the front side of a stylish, friendly and well maintained 20 apartment building. The building has a garden with palm trees on the front side and two inner patios. Apartment 2 is situated on the second level, right above the main entrance. Apartment 1 is found on the third level on the right side of the building, just above the palm tree (see photo to the left).

The safety of the building is provided by porters round the clock and a security system with cameras. Read more…

For Sale: 2 Apartments

Apartment for sale, El Rodadero, Santa Marta, ColombiaFor Sale: Apartment 1
A spacious and comfortable fully equipped apartment of 77 squire metres (830 square feet) with a big balcony on the front side. The well maintained apartment is located on third level on the front side of the building.

The apartment contains a wide living room (with 2 sleeping couches), 2 bedrooms (each with a double and a single bed), 2 bathrooms (each with shower and toilet), big adjustable ceiling fans in living room & bedrooms, cable tv, wi-fi, private safe for valuables, linen and towels, and a kitchen with all cutlery. See photos…

Apartment for sale, El Rodadero, Santa Marta, ColombiaFor Sale: Apartment 2
The comfortable fully equipped apartment of 56 squire metres (605 square feet) with a big balcony on the front side. The apartment is located on the second level right above the main entrance of the building.

The well maintained apartment contains a living room, 2 bedrooms (one with a double bed, one with a pull-out bed), 1 bathroom (with shower and toilet), adjustable ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms, cable TV, wi-fi, private safe for valuables, linen and towels, and a kitchen with all cutlery. See photos…

For Sale: Rental Company
Our company – with all permits – is included in the deal, as well as our booking engines with good reviews, this domain ( and our commercial telephone number. We’ll also introduce you to our local agents and other business contacts.

Business Opportunities & Economy
Colombia: from failed state to Latin American powerhouse as the British Telegraph called it, and How Colombia went from murder capital to tech powerhouse according to CNN. One of the elements that support this conclusion is the impressive annual growth rate of the economy over the last decade as a result of which Colombia surpassed Argentina to become the second South American economy after Brazil, and the third largest in the whole Latin American region after Brazil and Mexico.

Business & Beauty
Santa Marta and nearby El Rodadero are the touristic powerhouses of Colombia. The stunning beauty of the Santa Marta region and the economic progress are giving it a powerful boost. There’s a lot of construction and restoration going on in the region, a new airport is build to keep up with the stream of tourists, and the prices of real estate are rising spectacularly. Against this background you can rent out 2 apartments in the center of El Rodadero on a stones throw form Colombia’s main Caribbean boulevard and beach; with 365 days a year sunshine.

Living and working as a foreigner in Colombia
If you don’t have any family or other ties with Colombia you can apply for a Colombian residence permit as a Resident Investor if you invest 650 times the Colombian minimum wage witch is currently (2016) 689,455 Pesos. This means investing some 450.000.000 Pesos (€ 138.000, US$ 152.000) will do to live on a permanent basis in Colombia and run the business in which you did invest. More information in English about all Colombian visas (official page of the Colombian Ministry). Further more, we’ll provide you with professional concerning all paperwork as one of us is Colombian Lawyer. Colombians turn tot lawyers to make sure all official paperwork is done flawless.

The weather in Santa Marta
Santa Marta has an ideal tropical sea climate. Daytime temperatures hover 365 days a year around 28°C / 82°F. And then there’s this unique refreshing breeze coming from the 5.775 meter / 19.000 feet high Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. And hurricanes? No way! Santa Marta finds itself outside the infamous hurricane belt that harasses the Caribbean. Read more…

The beauty of Santa Marta
Santa Marta is the oldest colonial city of South America and number 1 touristic spot in Colombia due to its picture book beaches and its mountains up to 5.775 meters / 19.000 feet. Where on earth – besides in Santa Marta – do you find tropical beaches and eternal snow? Nowhere else, because nowhere on earth the differences in altitude are bigger then in Santa Marta. And if that’s not enough; on the mountain slopes you’ll find scenic villages with waterfalls and cascades, and a little further on the road, in La Guajira, you can enjoy a desert landscape and the biggest flamingo gathering in the world. Can’t beat that.

Santa Marta: the only risk is wanting to stay.

Why do we want to sell 2 apartments on a stones throw from the Caribbean Sea and a profitable company? Are we… crazy? Maybe. Nevertheless we think we are doing right. We did build this all up with hart and soul and now we are going to move on and start all over again in another part of this beautifull world. With hart and soul. We are just like that. We like to create.

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