Apartment to rent in
Santa Marta Colombia
(El Rodadero)
- 50 meters from Caribbean Sand and Sea -

Apartment to rent in Santa Marta Colombia
Apartamento para arrendar en Santa Marta Colombia

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Flying to Santa Marta, Colombia

Just type the name of a near airport in the first box, and SMR in the second one (the airport code of Santa Marta, Colombia); then select dates, click search and have a cheapo flight.

....after touching down on Santa Marta Airport you are only 15 kilometres away from a nice apartment, on a stones throw from one of Colombia's finest Caribbean boulevards and beaches. The twenty minute taxi ride from the airport to the apartment will cost you some US$ 9 / 7 Euro. Local mini buses do charge next to nothing for the same distance.

Santa Marta Airport to Apartment Copacabana

The small and cosy airport of Santa Marta is surrounded by sea and palm trees; relaxing starts right here. Colombian Pesos can be obtained on the spot from ATM cash machines that accept foreign cards. Then jump into any taxi without negotiating, show our address and say 'vamos' (lets go).... Easy as that. How that works? The answer is: fixed prices.

The fare 'airport to apartment' hovers around 18.000 Pesos (depending day time, night time, Sundays, holidays). By the way, the same trip the other way around is cheaper. There's no custom of tipping, but if you pay the driver 20.000 Pesos for bringing you to the apartment he'll happily accept it.

If you are interested in figuring out the exact price, ask the driver for 'la planilla'; the yellow price list that, by local law, needs to be present in any taxi. Look for 'Aeropuerto' in the 'Rodadero' section and add the airport charge to it (but only on leaving the airport, not on entering).

Apartment Copacabana on the map (Santa Marta, El Rodadero)

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Airports close to Santa Marta

You may compare flights to Santa Marta with those to Barranquilla (where Shakira was born), a city some 90 km. further on the road. Other then Santa Marta, Barranquilla hosts a number of international flights. You might even consider Cartagena (180 km.) as point of entry. There are various means of transport (door to door services, taxi's and busses) between the three costal city's.

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