Copacabana Apartment, Santa Marta, Colombia: Map and route, how to get there.

How to find Apartment Copacabana, Rodadero, Santa Marta

Local transport in and around Santa Marta
Local transport is cheap and served by numerous busses and taxi's that make up a big part of all traffic. You never have to wait more then a minute or so for a passing taxi or the right bus to pass by. If you don't know what bus to take ask people in the street. All public transport prices are fixed and published either on the doors of busses. Taxi's have a yellow price list called 'lista de tarifas' or 'la planilla'.

1. Santa Marta Taxis
All taxi's are yellow and have a 6-digit code on the doors and the roof. Taxi drivers carry an official permit and a yellow price list with fixed prices per distance. Drivers should, at all times, be able to show you that price list. Ask 'la planilla por favor' and study the card for your while, even if you don't understand it. This will help the driver not overcharging you :)

2. Santa Marta Busses
Local busses are small, type mini-bus. All Santa Marta busses are cheap and have a fixed entrance fee that is published on a door or window. City busses go as far as the airport; they run from early in the morning till late in the evening.

Coming from Santa Marta Airport:
  • Take the city bus to Santa Marta
  • Say 'Tele Santa Marta' to the driver
  • Walk down 100 meters (till the end of the road)
  • Turn right & walk another 100 meters
  • Second street to the left & walk another 100 meters till the front door of the apartment

    Coming from Santa Marta:
  • Take the city bus to Santa Marta Airport
  • Then same as above