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Santa Marta Colombia
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Apartment to rent in Santa Marta Colombia
Apartamento para arrendar en Santa Marta Colombia

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Santa Marta
The Magic of Having Everything

From kilometres of picture book palm fringed Caribbean beaches (Tayrona Park), to mountain peaks up to 5.775 meters: Colombia's oldest colonial city, Santa Marta, has it all. View places on earth will have such an abundant natural beauty and wild live next door. Santa Marta's rich indigenous history can be witnessed on the mountain slopes, where a 6-day track leads to the unspoiled Ciudad Pedrida (Lost City), Colombia's Machu Picchu. Like Colonial architecture? Santa Marta habours South America's oldest cathedral and oldest stone building (Casa de la Aduana). And if you have seen it all and done it all; sit down on the shady boulevard and absorb laid back Caribbean life. Santa Marta; the magic of having everything.

Santa Marta is South America's oldest colonial city (founded in 1525). Only Cumaná (Venezuela) is a couple of years older, but there are no remains of that time. Due to Indian attacks and earthquakes Cumaná had to be refounded and reconstructed several times. It leaves Santa Marta the oldest existing town.

Since 1989, Santa Marta has the status of 'Special District', which gave the city the suffix of 'Tourism, Cultural and Historical District'. This allows Santa Marta to manage her economic resources, ecosystems and land planning autonomously. In 2007 development was shifted to the next gear, when some 35 Colombian an foreign investors united their forces and started a program that has to put Santa Marta on the map as an international tourist destination where tourism, ecology, culture and history should go hand in hand.

Colombia is definitely recovering from its bad name. The economic growth is jealous making and crime rates are dropping steep. An increasing number of foreign tourists are finding their way to Santa Marta to explore one of the last unknown Caribbean paradises. Cruise ships do visit the city on a regular base. Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has picked Colombia in 2006 as one of their 'Top 10 World Destinations'.

When to Go?
The answer is: year round. Santa Marta has a tropical sea climate. Temperatures hover around 28°C /
82°F, 365 (or 366) days a year. Check today's weather

Places of interest
Guided tours can be booked in Santa Marta and

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
This mountainous landmass (5.775 meters) is the highest in the world on the shores of the sea. The natural park is the territory of the Tayrona Culture, inhabited by the Koguis and Azarios tribes. Six-day trips can be made to the unspoiled Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), Colombia's Machu Picchu.

Tayrona National Park
Located at the north of Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park is the most important ecological reserve in Colombia. It has rocky cliffs, coves and inlets that create a landscape with paradise like white-sand beaches and green-blue crystal clear waters. Visitors can walk to discover their private beach, eat in park restaurants, stay overnight in hammocks, tents and ecological huts and visit an Indian tribe in Pueblito.

Guides & Books

Pueblito (Chairama)
Foundation of a pre Colombian city made up of a complex of terraces communicated by mud streets and an exemplar aqueduct system. Here you can appreciate the creativity and intellectual development of the Tayrona Culture

Ciudad Perdida
Located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) is one of the most interesting archaeological places in Latin America. It's a complex of 150 terraces and streets that run to other villages. It hosts retention walls, water deposits, a complex sewer system and aqueduct and more. In this pre-Hispanic Tayrona culture, traces of over 200 urban settlements were discovered in the jungle. The Lost City is located in the middle of a region filled with brooks and creeks. Getting here takes several days on a guided trip. The trip to the city, done on food, will take 6 days to get there and back. To go to the Lost City, you need to get a permit from the Environmental Ministry and the Institute of Anthropological Investigations. Excursions can be planed from Santa Marta and Rodadero.

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The Cathedral
The national monument, built in 1766, is the oldest South American cathedral. It holds the remains of Rodrigo de Bastidas, founder of the city, for a while it also held the remains of Simón Bolívar 'The Liberator'.

The Customs House (La Casa de la Aduana)
The oldest stone house of America (1530). Simón Bolívar 'The Liberator' stayed here. Today it is the Tayrona Museum.

Books about

Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino
This 17th century 'hacienda' was the last home of Simón Bolívar, today it is a museum in his honour. The contemporary museum of Bolivariano art, which is located on the terrain is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to exhibit, preserve, and protect works of art as well as the promotion and realisation of seminaries and other complementary events.

Madame Agustine House
A jewel of the colonial architecture.

The Aquarium
Located on the outside of the city, reachable by boat from Rodadero. It has a great variety of marine fauna, specially dolphins and sharks. The visitor can swim with dolphins. The trip can be booked in combination with a trip to Playa Blanca.

A small village in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta some 30 minutes from Santa Marta. Because of it's altitude (650 m.) temperatures are lower with an average of 22 degrees C. A refreshing experience after the hot lowlands. Cool off under waterfalls and visit coffee plantations.

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Playa Blanca
White sandy beach, crystal clear water and good restaurants. Reachable by boat from Rodadero. The trip can be booked in combination with The Aquarium.

Bahia Concha
The first of the fabulous Tayrona beaches, just outside Santa Marta. Easy reachable by taxi. Jeeps serve the last part, a dirt road. White sandy beach, crystal clear waters and good restaurants. A boat is going to Playa Conchita where excellent but cheaper meals are served. Boat and meal together do cost the same as a meal alone on Bahia Concha.

San Fernando Fort
Built by Spanish conquerors to protect the city from the pirates, it is a fine sample of colonial military architecture.

Fiestas del Mar
On Santa Marta's birthday (29 July), the city holds the popular sea festivals with parades, aquatic exhibitions, music of the region, and the Queen of the Sea beauty pageant.

The Mamancana Natural Reserve
This natural reserve offers the possibility to see wildlife and practice extreme sports such as paragliding, downhill, rock climbing, and canopying.

Quebrada Valencia
A majestic waterfall emerging in the middle of the rain forest.

Cabo de la Vela
Enormous extensions of sand and dunes extend themselves to the horizon.... A desert in the Caribbean? Yes! Take a trip to the desert after visiting the lush tropical forests of Santa Marta. On your way you can also visit gathering places of flamingos.

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